Our design studio came to life from the desire of standing out, being different and bold. We are a team of young professionals with different backgrounds of creative disciplines ( architecture, design, PR & event planning and HoReCa ) with the common goal to create bold and unforgettable experiences.

We are living in a world of fast paced changes,  that is why we need to continuously push ourselves and strive to overcome our limits. We understand the world mostly through our eyes and that is how we form our perception. The visual identity of the things we surround ourselves with, the spaces in which we spend our time, all form our perception of life.

“Innovation isn’t sticking to old rules…break’em!” – That’s our rule

Design, Architecture and the Visual Arts have encompassed our lives from early beginnings, it is the way we communicate, express ourselves and the way we create our surrounding world.

We stand strong to these values and feel  proud to be different because we know we all are, that is why we LOVE a challenge.

Anything you can imagine can become real, we’re here to show you HOW, whether it’s your new home space, your business, a new brand concept or event.